A group of ambitious Young Kuwaitis, we produce and import the finest natural honey.

The beginning 

Launched in Kuwait, year 2016, by placing few hives to produce Kuwaiti sider honey, afterward the number of cells was distributed in many regions to duplicate the production of honey.

The nature of our work 

We have many varieties of honey, some are produced by our hives in Kuwait and UAE, and some high quality honey is imported from all over the world. 

 Rapid development and continuous growth

Althenayan hives have many locations in more than one country, we are supervising the hives directly by ourselves to ensure the quality and purity of the honey extracted, then we sort it and fill it up to reach the consumer in the best way.

 Since technology & social media have become an essential part of our lives and dealings and since the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, in 2019 we created a website so you can find & order our products.


We aim to be highly responsible and trust worthy by always offering the best.