Propolis Honey

Mountain Sidr honey is saturated with the finest types of propolis. It is one of the strongest and fastest ways to boost immunity. Propolis or what is known as "bee gum" contains more than 12 types of natural antibiotics that help the body to raise immunity and improve its level in the body, and it has the ability to renew and build the body`s cells and tissues.


  • Propolis contains more than 12 natural antibiotics and is a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • It enhances the body`s immune system and raises its level.

  • It regenerates and builds the body`s cells and tissues, as well as combating the signs of aging .

  • Because it contains anti-microbial materials, it maintains the health of the mouth and teeth, and protects the gums from cuts and sores.

  • Relieves heart problems such as hardened blood vessels and arteries, and high blood pressure.

  • Effective for thyroid diseases.
    • Notes :
  • Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women and children.
  • It is taken for a maximum of two consecutive months, then it is taken for a month`s rest, then use again, and so on.
      How to use :
  • A tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach with a cup of lukewarm water, and it is preferable to eat an hour later.
  • You can take another spoon an hour before lunch or 3 hours after lunch.
  • Stir honey well before eating.


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